Glass Subway Tiles Are Outstanding


Designers have different options while using glass and the use of subway tiles incorporate glass as a tiling material.  The best part about the subway tiles is how dynamic your design layout can be.  Subway tiles are flexible since they are rectangular and one can create a wide range of interesting patterns.  Some people like arranging the glass subway tiles in brick style which is a traditional style.  With this kind of tiles, you can make your surface spectacular.

Decide on your tile colors as you think of the design of your 4 x 12 glass subway tile.  If you want to have one color you can look for a brick layout that allows your brick to remain visually appealing.  You can combine more than one or two colors.  You don’t need to have the same proportions of the colors you use on your surface.  You can get the subway tiles in plain shades such as the ethereal whites, grays, greens and blues.  Accent walls can have vivid colors while the floor and ceiling can have mute colors.

Glass subway tiles are very different from other kinds of tiles you may think of using.  It looks professional to display different themes in different rooms instead of repeating the same pattern everywhere.  The living room is the highest excitement area so it must display its function through the design and the colors you choose.  Around the fireplace and the dining area, loud colors can be restricted by using mosaic tiles.  Learn more about glass tile at

There are varieties of subway glass tiles available such as the iridescent glass, solid glass, astounding mosaic, metal blends and many others.  The glass subway tiles comes in all sizes.  Back-splash design is one of the common design used while using the glass subway tiles.  Subway wall-style is made of ceramic materials and can either have a glass finish or may lack the glass finish.  The advantage of this type of design is that they are numerous.  Compared to other designs they are cheap.  The glass subway tiles are easy to cut and offer unique colors.

Your wall and furniture can easily match the glass subway glass tile.  It terms of maintenance the owner of the facility can choose to keep on replacing the tiles or to try maintain the appearance of the tiles.  If your tiles are already old you can use the tile paint to refurbish the old and tired glass subway tile.  It is best if you hire professional tiles Refurbish Company to help you with the process.

You can as well do it yourself using the available kits found in most home improvement stores.  The best way of maintaining the tiles is by keeping them clean.  Read the directions of the manufacturer on the cleaning products and adhere to their instructions.  Mop the surface to avoid scratching of the khaki glass subway tile.  Don’t use bleaching agents.


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